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Finally, If you're interested in seeing who else is playing a Getzen instrument you can check the list of musicians, bios, and interviews of those on the Getzen team in the Getzen Artists pages.

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For many, a visit to the Getzen factory has been both entertaining and educational.

A rare chance to see the inner workings of an instrument manufacturer and to see exactly what goes into building some of the best instruments available today. There is a detailed account of the company's founding and continued growth in the History section.

Whilst other wind manufactures have issued serial numbers to their musical instruments in a consecutive chronological fashion, Yamaha appears to have issued their serial numbers in a less logical sequence.

This makes dating a Yamaha wind instrument from its serial number a difficult task.

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Buescher Trumpet Serial numbers are most often found on the 2nd valve casing - OR if that is buffed off, check on one of the valves themselves!

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Today, the Holton brand of instruments are still manufactured in Elkhorn, WI where Frank Holton moved the company in the Spring of 1918.