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This Tony Award nominee and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress has had a tempestuous affair with the institution of marriage herself, with four marriages and four ex-husbands that include Martin Fried whom she had married before living with Michael; William Bishop, Charles Cannizzaro and Guy Hector!

Almost immediately after breaking up with Brenda, at the mature age of 32 years, Michael Douglas jumped into his first marriage with the much younger 19 year old, Diandra Luker, in the March of 1977.

"If you want to do it in the opposite direction," he says, "forget it." So how did he feel when his wife set up a website chronicling with alarming honesty her various addictions, and her struggle to get clean? "I say to her, 'You have this problem you have to share with people,' so she opened a page on the internet so people can talk to her, and I love her even more for that, for being courageous and for not hiding anything." Banderas also gave Melanie Griffith, who is now 50, the confidence to end her other dangerous addiction: to plastic surgery.

"Hollywood stars are not supposed to be perfection, I don't believe in perfection, I think it is a mistake.

We have been now 11 years together - besides Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, I think we are the oldest couple in Hollywood!

" Do you tell your wife constantly that you love her, that she is beautiful, to compensate for the industry you are both working in? I do it because I really feel it." He agrees that Hollywood is very cruel towards women, pointing out that Zeta-Jones's first role after Zorro was to play Sean Connery's love interest.

Diandra was an Austrian diplomat’s daughter and they had a whirlwind six weeks of dating before they got engaged.

The couple had their son, Cameron in 1978; Cameron has been in trouble with the authorities due to his drug related problems and is currently serving time in jail for drug possession.

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When I meet Antonio Banderas I am surprised not by how slight he is, or by the fact that he is wearing snowwashed denim (a fashion I thought had died out in the Eighties), or by the fact that he looks so incredibly young (he is 45, and when I remark on his sprightliness he says there were times performing the many stunts in his new movie when he felt at least 50; "Eez difficult," he says, much as Manuel would to Basil when asked to take a suitcase up to a room), but because, against expectation, I have just hugely enjoyed watching his new film, The Legend of Zorro.

Michael Douglas has always been in the news for his romantic liaisons and affairs that have kept the public in a constant state of dizziness.

But, people had hoped that he had mended his ways when he settled down with the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones.

I can't believe I said something as crass as that."Fast forward 10 turbulent months, and the events of that night take on a different hue. Zeta-Jones, for her part, revealed this week that she is suffering from bipolar II disorder, a mental illness in which sufferers can experience severe mood swings.

To armchair psychiatrists, who are rarely in short supply when a member of the A-list hits choppy water, her performance on last year's Tony Award podium is evidence that her problems may have been brewing for some time.Yet beyond prurient speculation, the 41-year-old star's decision to go public with her troubles has met with goodwill.