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26-Dec-2016 06:17

As a native of Nigeria, I admire your passion in attempting to bring unity, clarity, and understanding between people of various races; I believe unity amongst all people is important.

As I grow older, unfortunately, I'm beginning to see my parents' prejudice and preconceived notions concerning my non-african friends and it makes me sad because I am very interested in interacting and dating a white male.

However, the treatment my friends have received, from my parents, makes me very anxious to bring home a white male.

It seems interracial relationships are highly frowned upon in the Nigerian community. I'm interested to know how your husband's and your parents/family reacted and interacted since y'all got together?

However, parental support and living in diverse areas seems to provide the best environments for multi-racial children to do well.

One of the experts framed it perfectly, however, when she pointed out that we ought to ask ALL prospective parents "what about the children? As we all know, same-race parents don't necessarily insure that a child will have a happy or secure childhood.

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