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He said that “like an ignorant redneck, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome to throw a catfish on the ice at this game?'” The detailed process behind the fish toss started in Waddell’s home state, where he bought two upper-deck seats to the game for 0 each and an oversized catfish.He was ejected and charged with disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime and disrupting meetings or processions.Waddell, of Nolensville, told Nashville radio station WGFX-FM that he came up with the idea ahead of a trip to see relatives in Ohio.“Our side of the family are all rednecks, so we’re right at home here.”The new couple sent out invitations asking people to attend “Our Big Ol’ Muddy Redneck Wedding.”Longtime friend of Kodie Umphenour, Gerald Drozdowski Jr.smiled as the groom scooped up his new bride for family photos.“That’s a good kid right there,” Drozdowski said of Kodie.“He’s as redneck as they come, and he is a work horse.If it were my daughter he married, I’d be proud.”Wedding guests and independent mud-boggers alike laughed and threw globs of wet dirt at one another before the nuptials.

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I enjoy people of all sorts, and there are indeed a wide range of ages and diversity of background of folks that add to the pleasant demeanor of the group dynamics.We are the only local singles organization, exclusive to communities in and around Lake Arrowhead, Crestline, and Running Springs.We are in our eighth year of operation, with 400 members, most aged 40 and up.“Skinny jeans would’ve showed it off, that’s for sure,” he said.

Waddell said he expected the sneak-in to a lower section to be one of the most difficult parts of his grand plans, but he easily walked down the stairs during a stoppage in play and hurled the fish.As a result of the change in leadership, some of the activities have changed."There won't be a parade this year," Lammers said, in part due to dwindling participation. Redneck Pageant, the Beer Chase and Redneck Dating Game have also gone by the wayside, though the Chili Cookoff (set for 2 p.m.