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Glass is a head-mounted computer with a camera and a microphone. But Glass is not for “life logging”; unlike cameras such as the Narrative Clip, it is not intended to document your day.

The battery doesn’t have enough juice, and there’s no organizing software.

But Glass you wear on your face, and that fundamentally transforms all these human-computer interactions, making them more intimate.

Because you don’t use your hands, and because it projects an image onto a transparent screen suspended in front of your eye and uses a vibration to stimulate your inner ear, using Glass is like being naked with the machine: synapses and wires united.

Glass is an always-ready smart device that answers your questions, alerts you to messages, and gives you driving directions.

The see-through display is just out of your direct line of sight.

Bei Jugendlichen zwischen 14 und 16 ist auch einvernehmlicher Sex dann strafbar, wenn der Täter älter als 21 ist und "die fehlende Fähigkeit des Opfers zur sexuellen Selbstbestimmung ausnutzt".

Der Altersabstand soll sicherstellen, dass nur Fälle eines "gefährdungstypischen Machtgefälles" erfasst werden und nicht jugendtypische Beziehungen.

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Eudaemonic Enterprises was the company they founded to master roulette, and the gambling proceeds went into the eudaemonic pie, which was to be sliced and served according to one's investment in the company - be it time, money, or ideas.

The four patients he assaulted were all vulnerable for different reasons.

One was very young, two had mental illnesses, and one was very ill and subsequently died.

He can't claim to be an exemplary good character but he should get some credit for parts of his good character."Calver compared King's life to the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, saying that split personality comparison touched chords in this case.

Crown lawyer Mark Lillico said any discounts for good character had already been taken into account at the original sentencing and there were a number of aggravating factors which needed to be taken into account.He pleaded guilty to a further five charges of sexual offending against girls aged 11 and 16 between 20.

Badan 'berisi' yang dimilikinya dan dulu menjadi 'bodygoals' cewek-cewek di luar sana pun semakin hari semakin kurus saja.… continue reading »

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Your wife might not personally hire a Private Investigator to follow you around.… continue reading »

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