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Gap or not, I think she's beautiful in a very unique way, and as small as he is, he just goes with her.

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” Ball added that the relationship between Sookie and Bill will remain the core of the show.

"With Nora gone, and having sought vengeance for her death, he found that the pain was still there and he doesn't want to feel it again. It was a surprise to all the vampires who realized that they just lost their ability to walk in the sun, but Eric was the only one in a timezone where it was light out ... Another news about Eric's lovelife is his steamy hookup with Jason.

I was hoping for more resolution with Eric so I really hope Book 9 delivers.

Of course, I think I'm so excited for the next book just because I DO want to know what happens now with Eric & Sook.

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I really thought in this one we would get some resolution.

The Zombie Vampires The zombie vampires will definitely be in season 7.